28 December 2011


It's been a while since we've updated our blog here goes…

The last week leading up to Crimbo was pretty hectic, we had The Showdown FINAL at Proud in Camden, amazing turn out from everyone and we had an awesome time again! Our mates FELLA deservedly won the occasion and it looks like we nmight be either playing or gig swapping with them in the new year NICEY (if you havent already check them out HERE)

Then on the wednesday we relaxed with a massive pre-crimbo dinner, is was expertly cooked by Tom and his brother Nick, everyone was stuffed and could barely move so that was job done!

Thursday was boat times with Rees and The Exiles AMAZING for the first time we had no backline and Darren arrived slightly drunken but we pulled through and quite literally ROCKED THE BOAT can't wait to play with those guys again in the new year (if you havent already check them out HERE)

Then for Crimbo and new year The Sons are taking a break. we're back home with and respective Susan and family and then all over the place for new years, ready to hit it hard in 2012!

We're planning on honing our new tunes for the come back gig of 2012 at The Good Ship, it'll be an  amazing Saturday night and for the first time ever ALL the Susans will be in attendance… so it's worth coming along just for that!

Anyways, hope you all have a fun and jolly holiday season, look forward to seeing all your fresh faces in the new year


21 November 2011

CAMDEN knees-up

We're playing The Enterprise in Camden tomorrow night.

A venue where we have all spent plenty of evenings dancing and drinking and generally making fools of ourselves…

So tomorrow night (Tuesday at 8pm to be exact) we'll be trying to rectify all of that drunken stupidity with a very awesome set of our tunes!

Come on down and check us out, it'd be lovely to see you all


7 November 2011

Taking Me Over…

Last month, one cold EARLY morning we drove out of London town and to a small little studio that we know to record a new little song.

Here is a brief and mostly uninformative video diary-esque look at that day… with a little preview of the track at the end


3 November 2011



We had a little email yesterday saying that the very lovely Aaron Phillips had chosen our track NOTHING TO SAY to play on his Rock Show this Saturday at 6pm (and again next Tuesday at 10pm)

If you're posh you can listen live on your DAB radio (about 6 clicks left of Radio 1) if not then us regular folks can just listen online at www.amazingradio.co.uk

If for some reason you miss it BOTH times you can listen again online from next Tuesday (8th Nov) here www.amazingradio.co.uk/users/amazingrewind

So tune in and check us out YEAH


7 October 2011

We mean business… cards

As part of our genius marketing campaign these cards will be scattered amongst our various favourite haunts in the quest to find a million billion fans!


Probably should have ordered more than 200…

Ah well, if you see one do let us know


28 September 2011

Back with Rees


Just got confirmation of our booking with Rees at Full On Studio
We'll be aiming to lay-down [record] a couple more tracks [songs] for your lovely ears.

As soon as they are done you'll be the first to know of course, who else would we tell?!…


22 September 2011

A good iTunes reciept

Opened up my emails today and another iTunes receipt had arrived… AWESOME!

19 September 2011


Our lovely EP (Nothing To Say) is also now available to stream directly from Spotify (if you're posh and have a pro account you can listen off line too)

That's exciting innit!

Apart from that we are spending this week running around trying to organise the bits we need for the gig this Thursday at Carnivale…uh oh!

13 September 2011


Our little EP has become available to purchase and download on iTunes

You can still stream it for free from this site, our soundcloud or our FB page
…and soon we'll be available on Spotify too so that's nice!

9 September 2011


So we've got two new gigs coming up ------------------->

Hopefully you've all been listening to our songs and learning the words so you can come along and have a good ol' sing and a dance!

6 September 2011

A whole lotta listens…

…well at least a good few for now, which is AWESOME

Plus we're having a few downloads too so who knows how many of those people have the tracks on constant repeat. Most probably ALL of them!

Be good to get some feedback on the tunes from people… maybe leave it a week or so, let them get right in their ears.

4 September 2011


So as well as listening to the tunes on the audio page here you can now have a listen on the nice new player on the facebook page

You can even download them for your ipods HOW LOVELY

Do let us know what you think?…


3 September 2011

Recording - DAY 02

Another lovely day with Rees at Full on Studios yesterday

Finished off the bass, added some guitar, some BVs, bit of percussion, mastered all 3 and even had time for a little acoustic version of The Tell!


This is what hard work looks like…

1 September 2011

Recording - DAY 01

Had a great day with Rees at Full on Studios yesterday, can't wait to get back on it tomorrow!

Managed to get 3 tunes pretty much all there, so far so good.
All that's left to do is some tweaking, B/Vs and percussion treats… not much then.

Might try and bash out a few LIVE tracks too, that'll be fun!

30 August 2011

25 August 2011

rehearsal times last night

We had a gay old time, smashed through the set, played around with a few new tunes, and sorted out BVs… MARVELLOUS


21 August 2011


The Facebook fanpage has hit TRIPLE FIGURES (just)

So with all this new found momentum we are gonna push forward with more gig dates and recordings and all sorts of other exciting things!

Watch this space…

19 August 2011


So we were SUPER nervous and we made loads of mistakes (I dropped my stick in the first song) but it was splendid

We had a load of support from loads of different friends from all over the place, we really couldn't have asked fro more… so thank you if you came along and you're reading this!

Lot's of new pics and video footage from the gig is already on Faceybooks but i'll make sure it goes up on here too (or at least the good ones)

Here's to the next time


15 August 2011

2 more sleeps…

…until our FIRST EVER gig

As daunting as this feels we are also extremely excited, can't wait to show off our awesome tunes!

67 confirmed guest… GULP

5 August 2011

He's back…

…and ready to KICK ASS (apparently).

We'll be getting down to some ass kicking business tomorrow in the sweatiest rehearsal room in all of London.

But for now it is time to DRINK!

21 July 2011

T-bone on holidays

So with T-bone away in Madagascar it leaves the two remaining Sons to keep the ROCK alive
Let's see what happens with the sound in the sweaty carpet room this saturday…

In other news we are currently in the process of semi-live recording a few of our tracks so that is definitely something to look out for!

There's a sneak peak preview in the videos section so head on over there now to treat your ears NICE


5 July 2011


due to a beer bottle running into darren's foot we've had to have a week off rehearsals which is VERY rubbish…

Luckily he's gonna man up and come down this sunday for rehearsals before BIG tom heads off on holidays for a couple of weeks


17 June 2011

'ello Mic

The new very awesome Shure 50s/60s looking mic has arrived
This should lead to some epic rockin and rollin on sunday rehearsal time  YEAH

8 June 2011


We now on twitter WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO
So get following by clicking the link on the right…


7 June 2011


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things like that.

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