28 September 2011

Back with Rees


Just got confirmation of our booking with Rees at Full On Studio
We'll be aiming to lay-down [record] a couple more tracks [songs] for your lovely ears.

As soon as they are done you'll be the first to know of course, who else would we tell?!…


22 September 2011

A good iTunes reciept

Opened up my emails today and another iTunes receipt had arrived… AWESOME!

19 September 2011


Our lovely EP (Nothing To Say) is also now available to stream directly from Spotify (if you're posh and have a pro account you can listen off line too)

That's exciting innit!

Apart from that we are spending this week running around trying to organise the bits we need for the gig this Thursday at Carnivale…uh oh!

13 September 2011


Our little EP has become available to purchase and download on iTunes

You can still stream it for free from this site, our soundcloud or our FB page
…and soon we'll be available on Spotify too so that's nice!

9 September 2011


So we've got two new gigs coming up ------------------->

Hopefully you've all been listening to our songs and learning the words so you can come along and have a good ol' sing and a dance!

6 September 2011

A whole lotta listens…

…well at least a good few for now, which is AWESOME

Plus we're having a few downloads too so who knows how many of those people have the tracks on constant repeat. Most probably ALL of them!

Be good to get some feedback on the tunes from people… maybe leave it a week or so, let them get right in their ears.

4 September 2011


So as well as listening to the tunes on the audio page here you can now have a listen on the nice new player on the facebook page

You can even download them for your ipods HOW LOVELY

Do let us know what you think?…


3 September 2011

Recording - DAY 02

Another lovely day with Rees at Full on Studios yesterday

Finished off the bass, added some guitar, some BVs, bit of percussion, mastered all 3 and even had time for a little acoustic version of The Tell!


This is what hard work looks like…

1 September 2011

Recording - DAY 01

Had a great day with Rees at Full on Studios yesterday, can't wait to get back on it tomorrow!

Managed to get 3 tunes pretty much all there, so far so good.
All that's left to do is some tweaking, B/Vs and percussion treats… not much then.

Might try and bash out a few LIVE tracks too, that'll be fun!