29 May 2012

BOTB week

We did TWO  Battle Of The Bands last week!

The first was for Eclectic [Sounds Ltd] in central
It was a really fun night, unfortunately we didn't win it but the guys that did were ruddy awesome so it was very much deserved. Check their videos out by clicking on the Eclectic link above.

Here's our vid from the night, the sound is a bit ropey but don't let that put you off…

The second battle was at The Finsbury pub, another fun night and a great venue. The other bands were awesome, not quite sure what the outcome was but it's safe to say it was THE hottest stage on Earth!

Now looking forward to our gig this weekend as we head to Kent to make some noise at a Jubilee Beer Festival [lots of awesome craft beers YEAH] if you're in the area come along!