19 January 2012

Awaiting THE EDIT

So whilst we eagerly await the next cut of out first music video we've already started to plan the next… we like to plan ahead!

The usual rock cliches would obviously have to be adhered to so that means we'd need one or all of these things; a big performance piece, sexy rock ladies, more slow-mo walking, fast cars/motorcylces, bar fight scene… the list goes on.

For a bit of inspiration though you can't go far wrong with Kasabian's latest offering. Best car has to be the little red one ENJOY

9 January 2012

A lovely new header

If you visit our site often (let's face it, who doesn't!?) you may have noticed that we have a new header image…

These photos were taken last year by our very talented photo lady friend Felicity.

So we'd like to say THANKS FELICITY for making us look moody, edgy… and vaguely handsome.


3 January 2012

New Year TREAT

Hope you all had a ruddy lovely time

We can't wait to get our teeth into the new tracks and really start pushing things forward in 2012, but before we get too excited…

We'd like to sincerely thank everyone for all the support through 2011.
We had an amazing time playing for you all and can't believe the support we've had live and online, been totally and utterly amazing!

So as a small token of our appreciation we've got a free download for you below

Enjoy and see you soon!