28 December 2011


It's been a while since we've updated our blog here goes…

The last week leading up to Crimbo was pretty hectic, we had The Showdown FINAL at Proud in Camden, amazing turn out from everyone and we had an awesome time again! Our mates FELLA deservedly won the occasion and it looks like we nmight be either playing or gig swapping with them in the new year NICEY (if you havent already check them out HERE)

Then on the wednesday we relaxed with a massive pre-crimbo dinner, is was expertly cooked by Tom and his brother Nick, everyone was stuffed and could barely move so that was job done!

Thursday was boat times with Rees and The Exiles AMAZING for the first time we had no backline and Darren arrived slightly drunken but we pulled through and quite literally ROCKED THE BOAT can't wait to play with those guys again in the new year (if you havent already check them out HERE)

Then for Crimbo and new year The Sons are taking a break. we're back home with and respective Susan and family and then all over the place for new years, ready to hit it hard in 2012!

We're planning on honing our new tunes for the come back gig of 2012 at The Good Ship, it'll be an  amazing Saturday night and for the first time ever ALL the Susans will be in attendance… so it's worth coming along just for that!

Anyways, hope you all have a fun and jolly holiday season, look forward to seeing all your fresh faces in the new year