26 March 2012

Recording times at Dental Record…

What a productive sunny weekend… despite spending it almost entirely in a basement!

We were BROKEN but we were READY.
We managed to turn up bright and early on Saturday morning to lay down some tunage with DENTAL RECORDS [they do a lot of awesome work across music/video/media so do check them out]

The studio space was amazing, all the guys there were ruddy lovely and there was a good little italian restaurant just round the corner so we were well happy

Now it's all down to the mix, can't wait to hear what they come up with 'CITING… as soon as we have them all sorted you'll be the first to know, so keep your ears peeled!


19 March 2012

We got blogged…

…by the lovely people at The Unsigned, see

They compared us to QOTSA and Black keys, we can't really ask for anything better than that really, although slightly surprised they didn't pick up on Jamie's huge Lionel Richie influence but hey-ho?!

14 March 2012

recording, gigging, photoshooting and Mums…

The Sons have been busy as usual, rehearsing, tending to our beards and practising our rock pouts but we've also been organising some much needed PROPER things

We've got recording booked in for next weekend so you can have our new tunes in your ears ALL the time; then some more fun gig times the weekend after [30th March, hope to see you there]; and then early April we'll be getting our faces photographed by our very talented photoman friend Mark Arrigo [who helped direct and shoot the video]

Then we'll have a complet EPK to send out and harass people with… SoS style!

BUT before any of this can happen we need to spend some much deserved time with our lovely Mums [Susan] as over here in the UK it is Mothering Sunday YEAH

So while that is all happening don't forget to have another watch of our hairy faces wandering around beaches throwing things at each other!

See ya'll soon


6 March 2012


  • She's been a fan ALL of her life (a claim no one else on the planet can make) 
  • She's seen the video more times than ANYONE else
  • She knows ALL the lyrics to the songs (pretty sure that's what she's singing)
  • She's got dance routines sorted
  • She has a t-shirt to prove it

Definitely worthy of the number one title we say THANKS REBECCA