30 August 2011

25 August 2011

rehearsal times last night

We had a gay old time, smashed through the set, played around with a few new tunes, and sorted out BVs… MARVELLOUS


21 August 2011


The Facebook fanpage has hit TRIPLE FIGURES (just)

So with all this new found momentum we are gonna push forward with more gig dates and recordings and all sorts of other exciting things!

Watch this space…

19 August 2011


So we were SUPER nervous and we made loads of mistakes (I dropped my stick in the first song) but it was splendid

We had a load of support from loads of different friends from all over the place, we really couldn't have asked fro more… so thank you if you came along and you're reading this!

Lot's of new pics and video footage from the gig is already on Faceybooks but i'll make sure it goes up on here too (or at least the good ones)

Here's to the next time


15 August 2011

2 more sleeps…

…until our FIRST EVER gig

As daunting as this feels we are also extremely excited, can't wait to show off our awesome tunes!

67 confirmed guest… GULP

5 August 2011

He's back…

…and ready to KICK ASS (apparently).

We'll be getting down to some ass kicking business tomorrow in the sweatiest rehearsal room in all of London.

But for now it is time to DRINK!